Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need more than 2 hours help per month and I’m only paying £100 for a 2 hour contract?

The arrangement will be reviewed after 6 months, which is normally enough time to see if the allocated hours are sufficient or not required. Your IT consultant will keep a record of the hours spent to be reviewed. 

What happens if I don’t need any IT support during a month when I am paying for monthly off site support?

This does happen, but the following month you may need more than your allocated hours.  Your  BlueCircle IT Consultant will be flexible to ensure you get the best service available and value for money. This is why we have a review meeting after 6 months to see how suitable the arrangement is for your business needs.

What happens if we have a major project that requires more time than we currently pay for?

Individual projects can be quoted for separately to the monthly retainer. The allocated retainer hours are to service and support your general every day business needs.  Where your requirement is outside this arrangement your IT consultant will discuss and agree any associated costs in advance with you.

What is Remote Access?

BlueCircle IT will load remote access software onto each of your Computers, this enables your IT Consultant to be able to log in to any of your computers via the internet without having to be on the premises. This facility enables your IT consultant to be able to either solve problems without having to travel to your office saving time, or to be able to assess whether a call out is required to solve the problem more quickly.

What other services can BlueCircle IT Provide?

New User Set Up

Email Marketing

Database Management

Email Marketing Templates

Website Management

Remote Support

Back-up Data

Anti Virus

Memory Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Printer Set Ups

Data Transfer

Laptop/PC Repairs

Lost Data Retrieval

Wireless Networking

Computer Relocation

Office Moves

Email Signatures

Shared File Solutions

E-Mail Archiving

Back Up Router

Domain Name Registration

Website & Email Hosting

Software Supply

Backup Server

Hardware Supply

Backup Payroll

Network Support

Bespoke Database Design

Backup Accounting Systems


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