Email provision & management

Managed Business Email – providing the full functionality of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Outlook 2003, without the unpredictability and associated costs and time of running an inhouse solution.

Dedicated Virtual Server

Hosted Solutions offer enterprise level system functionality with the advantages of zero maintenance overhead or initial capital outlay.

The financial investment and overhead of owning and maintaining servers and software applications in-house can be substantial. By outsourcing, businesses can now reap the benefits that up to just a few years ago were reserved for large corporations.

Software as a Service

Hosted Intranet & Extranet – Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is the perfect team working and collaboration tool – enabling users to work on projects, share information, documents, calendars and team knowledge securely over the Internet.

Remote Daily/Weekly backup

Automated On-line Data Backup – DataLifeLine from BlueCircle IT enables you to have your data available, retrievable and obtainable all of the time.

Remote Support

BlueCircle IT provides ‘Remote Computer Support’ as a separate service or as part of a package. This allows us to respond to situations and resolve problems as they arise, using the latest remote support technology and the internet.

  • Remote support and monitoring via the internet providing ongoing maintenance
  • Remote investigation of issues through an end user support portal. Preventative maintenance and system checks by IT engineers who can take control of a computer as necessary.
  • Remote backup and data restore via the internet


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